The Diato brand is owned by
Górtech Sp. z o.o.


Excellent for removing spilled oils
and any petroleum-based substances.


Górtech is a company that has been mining diatomite for over 40 years. It has its own mine in the Podkarpackie Province, and is currently the only diatomite rock mine operating in Poland. The company also processes extracted rock to produce sorbents for petroleum substances.

What’s diatomite?

Diatomite, also called diatomaceous earth, is formed of the shells of microorganisms called diatoms.
It has excellent sorption properties. Diatomite is used as a sorbent for various substances, including petroleum derivatives, as well as in many industries and in agriculture.


We offer different types of sorbents, all of them are manufactured by us, details below:

  • Diato Plus 0,3-0,7 mm granulation, certified by CNBOP

  • Diato 0,5-3 mm

  • Diato 2-5 mm

Additionally, we offer diatomite in the form of powder, i.e. 0-0.063 mm, as well as in dust form 0-0.5 mm and 0-1 mm.

Apart from sorbents, we offer Roteor M Premium 3% foam forming agents, and RotQuick and RotClean dispergents.

Where can you use our sorbent?

  • on roads, streets, sidewalks, tracks

  • petrol stations, at fuel depots

  • in factory halls, garage halls, garages

  • on other solid surfaces with petroleum-based substance spills


  • totally non-combustible

  • not harmful to health

  • odourless

How to use this product?

It’s very simple. Apply DIATO sorbent to the site of the spill and wait a few minutes until the sorbent has absorbed the petroleum product. Sweep up the used granulate and dispose of it. For a better result, the action can be repeated with less product. It is an organic product, as natural raw materials are used in its production.

Ecological and economic

Diato is a natural, environmentally friendly product. No chemical additives are used in its production.
Once the spilled substance has been absorbed, it is permanently bound in the granules.

Standards and safety

  • CNBOP certificate No. 3392/2018

  • manufactured in accordance with Polish standard BN-91/0568-01

  • certified by the PZH (Polish National Institute of Hygiene) in Warsaw  HK/HT-2984/2015 approving
    the product for use without hygienic restrictions

  • certified by PZH (Polish National Institute of Hygiene) in the scope of radiation hygiene

  • classed, pursuant to the Waste Act of 27 April 2001, in waste group no. 15.02.03 (sorbents, filter
    materials, wiping cloths and protective clothing)

Downloadable files

Characteristics charter
Certificate CNBOP – Diato plus
Characteristics charter – Diato Plus

Central office

  • Specjalistyczne Przedsiębiorstwo Górnicze GÓRTECH Sp. z o.o.

    ul. Galicyjska 1 lok 43B
    31-586 Kraków

  • Krzysztof Smoroń – Geschäftsführer

  • tel. +48 604 786 160

  • email: k.smoron@diato.pl

Sales office

  • Krzysztof Smoroń – President of the Management Board

  • tel. +48 604 786 160


  • Mine Diatomit  in Jawornik Ruski 48
    37-751 Jawornik Ruski

  • Zbigniew Urban – Director
  • tel. 16 672 50 50

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